Interstate Interstate 10 near Exit Number 4 and 7

Vinton, LouisianaJan 14, 20083 Comments

This Town uses radar traffic fines to supplement town’s revenue.

Vinton, La, is cetainly out to up their revenue by using doppler radar on I-10 near exit 7. Officer was parked way off I-10 facing East, I was traveling East along with 8 other cars doing the speed limit. I was stopped and given a citation for 10 over the limit. Being a police officer from Florida, I know this can not be with dopple radar. Yes with a Laser system but not what he had. Being I was from Florida, I got the citation. I bet Vinton only has a mile or so of I-10 but they make full use of it. Out of staters beware.
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I was traveling East on I-10 in fairly heavy traffic, all doing the about the same speed. I saw the Vinton Officer parked in the median and checked my speedometer - 78 mph. I was surprised to get pulled over, and even more surprised to get a ticket for 80 in a 70. I was with my Dad, and driving his vehicle with a Florida tag. I realized what was really going on as the Officer filled out the ticket. Vinton has found a real money maker out of I-10. As a law enforcement officer out of Florida I am not impressed. Out of staters beware.
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They got me there also. I was doing around 75 and got pulled over for 5 miles over the speed limit. later when I looked at the ticket it said 80 in a 70! Very disgusting. I had to pay the ticket even though I am from Texas because of the state laws concerning tickets in other states. Even the attorney out there says this is a cash cow! How can this happen in the USA. We should contact 60 minutes or something and embarrass the whole group. It is legal racketeering. My ticket said I-10 east bound @ exit 7. Be careful!
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