Jemez Through Road near Restaurant

Jemez Springs, New MexicoJun 08, 20071 Comments

There are only two low speed signs, partially hidden at times. The signs are far from the main town and it appears you are out of town well before the end of the speed zone. The town prides itself on turning around it’s finances by the exploitation of tourists, who rarely run the gauntlet without being cited.

The tribal people at the food stands are nice, but Route 4 is a tribal speed trap. Changing, misleading, barely marked, unnecessarily low speed limits. I slowed down to let people pass me more than once. Got a ticket after I let them pass, tribal 'police' saw guy in front of me (which I obviously can't be going faster than) and let his in-state license plates continue on. They even say they know your not knowingly speeding. They say "it's very difficult to know the rapidly changing speed limit and we designed it for you to not know and we're issuing a ticket anyway". They are evil. For now, let's try to enforce existing laws and/or make new laws to arrest these bad cops/departments. Tribal or not, they are the opposite of what police are supposed to be. Make the punishment off the charts. They have declared who they are...badged criminals. Ready or not this is already permanent. Mark these people with records and create permanent appearance advertisements that instantaneously disclose them as those who repeatedly abused a position of integrity and authority that can never be removed. There's also a chance there will be more for them later. May the good tribal people have success in cleaning things up.
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