Just as you go over the hill, outside of Alex, OK

Alex, OklahomaJul 26, 20113 Comments

I was stopped for going 5 miles over the speed limit just (east) of Alex, OK (population is 666-go figure!). I was told there was a speed reduction sign informing me to slow down 5 miles that was posted just before this big hill. Or course I didn’t see the sign because I was more focused on the narrow road and big hill coming up. At the bottom of the hill was a city cop off the side of the road in a well worn area that looked more like a parking area than the curb. My ticket cost $140. I would like to fight this but when I called the Clerk of Courts, you could tell she was used to defending their speed traps, and she was well scripted. If I try to fight this and go to court, I found out that my court costs would be about the same and there are no guarantees I would win in this small court. So, like the rest of my fellow travelers, I am forced to pay this ticket. What right do they have to mess with road-weary traveler’s heads?

there are two speed reduction signs befoe you get to that "big ol hill", the cop sits in the open in plain sight. so just because you cant pay attention to what you should be doing and think its just another small town you dont need to slow down. you got caught breaking the law had to pay then get on here and cry about it. grow up pay attention to what your doing and slow down when needed. if you whouldnt have been speeding then you whouldnt have got a ticket
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i live south of alex an drive through every work day.i have been stopped going through alex 12 times in 5 years never for speeding.dirty tag,one weak headlight,3 times in officer training,running a stop sigh i sat at 30 seconds,and once cause my trailer ball parchelly concelled my tag,bad town one officer for every 69 population.i drive through 3 other towns every day an have never been stopped in any of them.
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I, along with numerous other acquaintances in the oil field have been pulled over and ticketed in Alex Oklahoma. This is most definitely a speed trap. After receiving a ticket recently, I only drive 45 miles an hour for the entire 8 mile stretch (even in the 55 and 50). Another thing to consider is that Alex only has traffic court once per month, which means if you are ticketed a week before the next scheduled date for the judge to be in town (like myself), you'll only have that time to pay your ticket. I attempted to fight my ticket and the judge did not even allow me to give a defense, anytime my answers were more illustrative than yes or no, he interrupted me. The whole process was a small town joke. The officer who pulled me over even misinformed me about the ticket process. The only bright side is that the officer gives a nice envelope for you to send the money in, which I used to mail a letter of polite complaint. I am forced to drive through this town almost every workday, not having to is one of the things I am looking to at retirement, until then I hope the money they squeezed out of me will help lift the spirits of this depressing little town.
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