Just inside the city limits, both directions on Highway 36

Jones Creek, TexasMay 31, 20113 Comments

The highway is wide and flat during this part of Brazoria County and the speed limit is 60 as you enter Jones Creek, then very abruptly drops to 50 for no good reason.

There’s usually a patrolman stationed on either end of town hiding on a side street near where the speed limit changes. They pull EVERYONE over for going just 1 mile over the limit and write tickets all day and night. Don’t even think you won’t get a ticket if you get pulled over because that’s the local police force’s job: to write tickets and raise revenue.

The crime rate in Jones Creek is non-existent, but they still keep 6 full-time officers on the force. Why? To keep the revenue machine humming. From what I understand, the Village of Jones Creek doesn’t even provide any other city services to its residents and is nothing more than a vehicle for the enrichment of the mayor and the police force.


Actually there is a reduced speed limit sign on 36 coming from Brazoria to the 2004 intersection. Then a 55 mph speed limit sign after the intersection as Jones Creek is entered. There are several more 55 mph signs, then as the downtown portion is entered a 50 mph sign. Then after leaving the downtown area, a 55 mph sign and as the city limits sign is passed, a 60 mph sign. The reverse is true, coming from Freeport at 60 mph, a 55 mph sign at the city limits, then a 50 mph and so on. The area cities write tickets at from 5 mph to 10 mph over the speed limit, Jones Creek isn't any different. The crime rate in Jones Creek is low, but not non-existent. I don't think the mayor is paid, but I could be wrong. 36 is a main street for the city, so it is driven and patrolled often, just as a means to get from one part of the city to another. The highway is two lane, then briefly four lane (two lanes each way) then two lane. It is not straight but curved with brush blocking the view around curves. Highest speed in the County is 65 mph, because it is an emissions attainment area, as is Harris county. So, if you drive 75 mph anywhere in the county, you are at least 10 mph over the speed limit.
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this is definitely a speed trap. Its a very small town and I can guarantee you will never go thru that you dont see a cop parked waiting for a speeder. I was given a ticket and called the mayor to complain. one mile over..There is no reason for the speed to drop from 60 to 55 to 50 in a very short span of road. I was told that the reason it changes like that is because the state says its done that way I say BS this is so definitely a speed trap. They have no other way to bring in revenue....sucks because there is no other way to get to Freeport for me...
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Must be a Democrat that created this "speedtrap". They like to just throw crap against the wall and see what sticks.
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