Just south of Edgar Springs on 63. Fixed/Portable radar

Edgar Springs, MissouriFeb 22, 20113 Comments

As you come southbound on 63 and you are exiting Edgar Springs they have a fixed/portable radar unit that is hidden behind a rise. The speed limit changes basically within 1/10 mile of the limit.
The city has 190 people and generates most of its income via speed traps. Locals know it well.

VERY active revenue generator. only one sign on a straight stretch of road - nothing else changes and no reason for speed to drop 20 mph. Don't miss it. City will charge you $250 with no exceptions -- at least not if you aren't from the area. Locals will tell you that the cop spends a few hours every day generating revenue in the business travel hours from out of town folks passing through. Even they readily admit its a scam. Stay classy, Edgar Springs.
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There have been several deaths on this stretch of highway, and since the police officers started working it again 2 1/2 years ago, there has been one minor accident there. Most of the locals know it's being enforced and obey the law. Northbound the speed zone changes to 55 before the city limits, then has two 45 mph signs (the second having a radar on it). Southbound the speed zone changes to 55, then has three 45 mph signs before the city limits (the third one having a radar on it), then one more 45 mph sign after the St. Rt. M junction. You have to be blind or not paying attention to miss these signs. Maybe their enforcement can save lives in the future of locals and other travelers. There is no drop of 20 mph anywhere in the city limits.
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Since I just had my eyes checked and am not blind apparently I wasn't paying attention and I guess that all of the others that were pulled over didn't get the message either. I'm a 56 year old woman and had my 80 year old mother with me. I haven't had a ticket in over 20 years but this stop went south so fast that I called 911 to listen in on the stop because I felt afraid. I wish that I would not have even stopped. He had someone pulled over on the other side of the road. Motioned for me to pull over, which I promptly did and waited for him to finish with the other car, make a U turn and come up behind me and start being rude. Another car passed going very fast. He signaled for them to pull over, they slowed and then drove away quickly. That is what I wish I had done. If it ever happens to you I think the thing to do is, don't even stop.
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