Keene Road near Kennedy Road

Richland, WashingtonAug 11, 20062 Comments

Richland police have made the newly-completed Keene Rd./Kennedy Rd. intersection one of their favorite new speedtraps. There are several outbuildings adjacent to the intersection that they hide behind. The speed limit drops from 50 to 40 when nearing Keene Village. Richland police are predatory and aggressive – one followed me the two blocks from the intersection to my home, waited until I was pulled into my garage, pulled into my driveway, and then turned his lights on for all my neighbors to see. The infraction was "not coming to a full stop at the intersection", which was false. A friend was also followed to my home from the intersection for having a headlight out. They are quite obviously trolling for DUI’s and using any trumped-up excuse they can to pull people over. It’s less about safety and law enforcement than about generating revenue.

Not only is it a speed trap from the 50-to-40 mph area but, there is a need to move from the right, to the left lane in order to get into the left turn lane at the T-intersection. If you are not caught for 43-44 mph infraction, there is the improper lane change because you have to change lanes just before the right-hand curve in front of Ace Hardware or you will not be able to make your left turn. Also, turning from Gage onto Keene during school hours the west-bound lane is 20 mph until the left-hand curve straightens. On-coming traffic is still 40 mph.
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Richland cops have a reputation for heavy handedness that goes back for decades. Even other agencies say things about them. I know more than a few Benton County deputies that refer to them as ''The Gestapo"
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