Killian Hill Road Northbound (Before Intersection with Hwy.)

Lilburn, GeorgiaJan 25, 20101 Comments

In darkness, police park on the street beside the church on the left and catch traffic coming down the hill and around the curve. There are 3 changes in the speed limit within an area of about 1 mile so it is difficult to keep track of what the actual speed limit is.

This location IS a revenue booster for Lilburn. When traffic camera laws were changed citations in Lilburn dropped from 1500 (amounting to 8% of the city budget) in 01/08 to 313 by in 02/09. Gotta make up that money somewhere. On Tuesday 4/20 I was traveling north on Killian HIll behind a van going below the speed limit (35mph) from Trickum MS to this location. Once the road widened, the van continued in the left lane and I moved to the right lane. When I was parallel to the van I saw one of Lilburn's finest pull out of Church St and move to the center turn lane. Once we passed the cop, he pulled in behind me and turned on his lights. I pulled into the shopping center on the corner. The officer stated that his radar caught me doing 55.3 in a 35. I calmly stated that that was impossible. I asked how in the span of 3-5 seconds could I have moved from behind the van into the right lane, become parallel to the van, increase my speed by 25+ mph AND be caught by his radar? I drive a Honda Accord V6. It's got some pep but not like that. Furthermore, since he was pulling out of his location when I became parallel with the van and could see him, how did he get me? The last time I would have been visible to him I would have been behind the van. It doesn't make sense. NO proof was given that there was an actual radar reading. The ONLY other time I received a speeding ticket was 20+ years ago and the officer showed me the radar gun, it's reading, and how it worked. The time the Lilburn cop spent checking my license/insurance and writitng my ticket was approx. 2-3 minutes. Seems very quick to me. I would not be surprised that he had all the speeding info previously filled out and finished the rest once he nabbed someone. They probably figure it's a win/win at 20mph rather than a lower speed. A. You don't get hauled in for excessive speed. They don't have to do the paperwork and drive you to GCDC. B. They get $182 and you get off "cheap" by only getting 4 pts on your record rather than the other costs (bail, lawyer). Of course, there's my premium increase......
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