LA 13

Mamou, LouisianaMay 05, 20103 Comments

They now have a brand new dark grey F-150 pickup truck that sits on the side of LA 13. Looks like ordinary vehicle but when you get close enough you will know because he will stop you

Yeah, this is really pathetic. I think they change the landscape around there so you don't notice him. One time he was parked among a couple of cars for sale. Another time he was parked in front of a mobile home that they moved in there. What a prop!! I think they actually pay somebody to ride around in circles to stop on the highway and make a left turn in front of the cop, so you are tempted to pass him on the shoulder. Wham, he got you again for passing in a no passing zone. Another ticket! Ha!!! I wonder how much $$ they are bringing in every month from unsuspecting motorist passing throught their town?
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Well First of all the pickup they drive is not grey it is black and if people would not be so busy looking at their Cell Phones and texting then they would realize that there is 2 to 3 signs out that actually warn you that the speed limit drops. Now I really don't think that is actually a speed trap. Come On People and use ur heads every once in a while. The reason you sit here and judge the police is because you actually got a ticket. But what I don't understand is that when there is actually a problem at your residence and need help who do you actually call well let me guess the POLICE. If you know it is so much of a set up then why drive through the town and actually get a ticket. The One's who actually degret the Officer's for doing their job so well actually needs to look for a new route to drive. I am just gonna say that I believe they are doing a great job with the speed limit there and actually come to think of it since they have been doing this you have not heard of a fatality that has occured in that area for a while. So suck it up and accept the fact that you cannot read the signs all that well.......
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The speed limit is NOT a suggestion. And its POSTED therefore NOT a trap. Just pay attention...or a ticket.
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