LA 425 heading north approaching the town / city limits

Ferriday, LouisianaOct 02, 20190 Comments

Supposedly I was going 58 in a 50 mph zone, on a 5 lane (center turn) divided state highway with wide shoulders, in a rural agricultural area that in a normal American town should have been marked 55 or even 65. I was pulled over within sight of a 55 mph sign. I’m 64, been driving since age 14, and have gotten stopped maybe twice in my life. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a ticket. Never had an accident other than one very minor fender-bender yrs ago. I very rarely go more than 5 mph over the posted speed limit. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure I was going as fast as the L.O. claimed. Anyhow….weeks later, I called the # on the now totally faded ticket (as if it were written in disappearing ink), to find out how much and where to send payment. They had a lot of trouble finding a record of the ticket. I’m still not convinced they found a record at all, but just took my word for it and came up with a dollar amount based on my description. Don’t pass through Ferriday if you can help it. If you can’t help it, consider turning on your cellphone video or dash cam video until you leave the town limits. Also, if you are a Louisiana resident, but have marks on your vehicle identifying it as having been purchased outside the Ferriday/Concordia Parish area, consider obscuring it or even removing it if you must pass through this town. I guess now, with computerized license-plate readers in some police cars, that might not be as useful, but I got the impression that somehow the L.O. knew I was not from the local area, even before he looked at my drivers’ license. On my way back from the mailbox with a check to the City of Ferriday for $149, I will scrape off the dealer sticker!

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