Lake Shore Drive from Oak Street to Hollywood

Chicago, IllinoisJul 31, 20101 Comments

Camera’s all along the way. People are being stopped all the time. Go the posted limit (maybe 5 miles over and you are fine).

The reason I vetoed the North LSD being a speed trap is that almost every time I'm on it--maybe 2-3 times a week--half the cars are going 10-15 over the limit (45 summer, 40 winter) without drawing a blue light. (The CPD's Mars lights are, woodja believe, blue!) Of course you always have to watch your rearview for a cop needing to make his quota. Also, don't be first in a speeding pod going over a rise on the highway or around a blind turn. None the less, daylight hours on the North Lake Shore Dr. are reasonably safe for speeding if you're in a crowd--although not alone; i.e., many car lengths separate from the rest of the traffic. There are, however, times & places on Lake Shore Drive when speeding is risky. First of all, be careful alongside the Loop (downtown) & also on the South Outer Drive. (Locals call Lake Shore Dr. LSD &/or the Outer Drive). Chicago's South Side is mainly black & sad but not surprising to say, traffic enforcement is not, uh, color blind. So, north from 53rd Street up to the merge with Interstate 55 beware--especially the first nearly half-mile or so northbound because the initial limit there is only 35mph, only becoming 45mph north of 47th Street. Finally, late nights & early weekend mornings--when traffic is lightest--are the worst times to speed; i.e., go more than 5mph over the limit, on any part of "the Drive" (another local name)--north or south. In Chicago, it's never safe to stand out from the crowd...
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