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policeman will take a cash bribe

I am an nationally certified criminal justice specialist. Fleeing Hurricane Florence, my wife and I were driving through Lawtey Florida on our way to our sons house in Sarasota in order to escape the coming hurricane. As an educator in the field of criminal justice part of my job has always been community relations. A little background. Lawtey is a town known as a speed trap, and listed as such by AAA. Knowing this I was closely watching my speed when low and behold there were lights flashing behind me pulling me over. I was told that about half a mile back I went through a school zone where everybody else was going 25 miles an hour including the person in front of me. How I could’ve been faster than the person in front of me and yet still be behind him without knocking him off the road is still a mystery. I will tell you why this was a perfect time for police officer to give out a warning not a ticket. It’s also a good example of why community relations with police officers especially in towns like this are very poor. There was a blinking light that was a Evidently a school zone. Knowing I was from out of town the police officer stopped me. Ok maybe I was going a few Miles over the limit but obviously not fast enough to catch up with the person in front of me doing to the limit. Picture this. My wife and I are driving trying to escape a deadly storm. I am disabled and the Marine Corps veteran, which the police officer knew because I was wearing my hat. We are also an older retired couple. Not that that makes us special but knowing we were in such a bad situation already, a disabled person with his wife, trying to escape a deadly storm, and obviously not speeding through a school zone the officer very easily could have given a warning instead of a ticket which cost almost $300 with the addition of points. The police officer did say that he would give his own mother ticket in a school zone. I actually believe that this guy would’ve given his own mother ticket. I say this Because in throwing aside all decency he gave me the ticket knowing full well we were in the middle of a very difficult and horribly upsetting situation already. Being in the field I was ashamed to see the very reason why so many people have problems with police officers, and AAA has yet to take back this towns title as a speed trap. When given a chance at their own discretion to do the right thing they fail miserably as this office surely did. It is obvious that the children never would have been in danger in that school zone. It is also obvious that we could’ve used a little decency and kindness while already going through a horrible situation. I will not use the officers name in this sharing. As a writer and Criminal Justice Specialist I wouldn’t publicly shame a fellow Criminal Justice officer in this case police Officer. Those who need to hear will hear, but understand not all officer are so heartless, and remember I wasn’t flying through a school zone. I was still careful and very slow, most officers would have given a warning rather then having the awful effect he had a on a couple in need. Don’t judge all because of the action of a few. Maybe someone will realize that some officer community relations education may not be a bad idea.
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