Linden Road near Interstate 84

Caldwell, IdahoOct 21, 20063 Comments

Watch out on Linden Rd. heading into Caldwell as you go down that hill under I-84. The speed limit is 50, but changes to 35 right before the hill. People get nailed there all the time for not slowing down as they go under the freeway. Cop sits on otherside of overpass and is out of view until too late. Also watch out on I-84 as you head into Caldwell from Nampa as the freeway begins to curve a bit more north as you leave Nampa. Bike cop sitting there occasionally. Construction! So double fine!

This is a favorite of locals as at 50 mph (and better) you can get some 'air time', i.e. roller coaster type weightlessness as you break over 'the hill' just as it ducks under the Interstate bridge. If you take your foot out of it -before- you pass that 35mph sign, you'll get no grief from John Law. But if you want to have fun, you gotta take your chances.
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The Interstate construction is long since completed. Occassionally a State Patrol unit will sit in the old, paved crossover lanes, but rarely. Most of the early morning pullovers that I have seen are westbound closer to Caldwell's Airport. I don't think this one qualifies as a "trap" anymore.
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The difference between 50 and 35 is profound... slow down and you won't be childish and pay the price. I have seen officers sit there infrequently but usually when complaints about speeding are made by the businesses and residents (lots of children in that area). Drive with some common sense and you won't have a problem.
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