MacArthur Boulevard near Reservoir

Palisades, District of ColumbiaMay 30, 20072 Comments

Cameras from Arizona to the Reservoir consistently fine motorists for speeds less than 5 mph over the limit. Flow of traffic is much faster than this; it can be unsafe to travel that slowly during rush hour. Which motorists get fined seem entirely random.

I know of one Dc business that moved out of the District completely because of aggressive ticketing in general and this red light camera in particular - mine. Speed cameras near the state borders are a tax driving business and revenue out of DC. This speed camera is costing DC money, not making it money. It's too easy to move out of DC. Where are all the grouchy entitled lawyers who live in Pallisades when something is costing them business? Where are the owners of the shops and restaurants when these cameras are costing them customers?
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This is not the only speed trap in Pallisades. DC police routinely use camera cars west of the safeway - always on a blind curve. It is not unusual to see three speed cameras in a 2 mile stretch. These cameras tie down badly needed law enforcement and drive away businesses.
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