Maddox Boulevard

Chincoteague, VirginiaJan 05, 20073 Comments

Uncongested open road with ridiculously low speed limits and a bridge so you can get nailed coming down the bridge. Town known as a "tourist trap" with DA office and courts unwilling to speak to you about pleading to lower speed, etc.

Chincoteague Island is very small community and a tourist town. The entire island has a 25 MPH speed limit, not just Maddox Blvd. The road is NOT uncongested at certain times. It is the route to the beach that often has traffic backed up. It also has a few groups of ducks that cross the road and have been killed unecessarily by speeders, not to mention the people on foot shopping at the numerious shops and eating places. This is not a speed trap in any sense of the word. You get no sympathy from me.
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Chincoteague Island is a tourist mecca and billed as a family resort. Walkers, cyclists, mopeds, and, yes, ducks have the right of way. Speeding over the 25 limit is not advised!! However, the police are overly eager to enforce the limit. Radar traps are everywhere and tourists are greeted with stiff fines for speeding. Slow down and smell the salt air!!!
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To the commenter, May 26, 2010, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. Definitely a speed trap armed against tourists. With more research, quite sure the numbers will support this. Got a ticket and within 1 hr. another tourist got a ticket. Therefore, your thoughts get no sympathy from me. How many warnings do local police issue? None, I suppose.
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