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Byron, WyomingJul 04, 20117 Comments

I have to defend Byron in this case. Living in a small town (pop. 550) on a main route to Yellowstone, our Main Street turns into a constant traffic jam from June through October. We all welcome tourists and love having everyone here. The problem is, because we are 80 miles from Yellowstone, the tourists just want to run as fast as they can to get through us to Yellowstone. The speed limit in town is 30mph because the local population crosses Main Street all the time to visit friends and get to the Post Office and local establishments. Most tourists obey the speed limit, but a lot just ignore it and ‘blow’ through our town at 45 to 50 mph. It’s not a trap, it’s an attempt to protect our citizens from the dangers of speeders through town. We follow the speed limit, and all we ask is that if you are visiting or passing through, that you respect the fact that we live here and you are just passing through.

This comment really made me laugh....a "Trafic Jam"???? on Byrons Main street? are you kidding me? there are never more than five cars at a time on main street in Byron unless it is time for church to start. I agree....You should obey the speed limit in Byron, but I think saying there is a constant traffic jam there in the summer might be stretching the truth a little bit. Venture on over to Cody if you think Byron has a traffic jam..... Signed: Laughing in Powell
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I can see your point about people speeding through town, that is dangerous and needs to be dealt with. I think you will find the main problem that people have expressed on this site is that your officer is waiting for people coming into town or leaving town. You may want to take a look a the Letters to the Editor column in the Cody Enterprise on July 11, 2011 for another comment such as these posted on this site. Personally, I think it would be smart if your town were to consider adding more speed zones coming into and going out of town. That could solve this poor image that your town is getting. Other towns that surround Bryon have done this and it seems to work well for everyone. Why don't you try highway speed down to 45mph, with a sign warning of the upcoming 45mph zone, then from 45mph down to 30mph into town. The same thing would work for leaving town. The town could even use some of the revenue they received from our speeding ticket to pay for the addition of new signs.
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This state needs a law, like many other states, that no more than twenty five percent of the income (revenue) can come from speeding tickets. This law has shut down many speed traps. What these people do not understand is that they could provide services that travelers are desiring, rather than alienating the potential customer. This could create a positive attitude about the town rather than having it appear on this page of the internet.
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I don't have a problem with giving tickets to people if they are speeding once they have entered the town of Byron. Most tickets however are given on either side of town as people are slowing down to enter the town, or accelerating as they leave town. Most town police will give you a warning in these transition zones, but you will not get a warning in Byron.
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If you want revenue for your town, consider not giving people speeding tickets to tourists that are just driving 9 miles over the speed limit. As mentioned in many of the other comments, the speed limit just drops dramatically. With the same scenerio, police just setting at the very edge of town welcoming you to your little town with blue lights. You all must really need some money.
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We often joke that my husband is a slow poke. He has never received a speeding ticket until the early morning we were traveling through your little town of Byron WY. Saw the sign and were slowing down from 65 to 30. Got down to 39 right at the sign and your officer pulled us over for speeding. No people walking around. No traffic jams of any sort. It's a speed trap plain and simple. No warnings to reduce speed ahead. I will forever more refer to Byron WY as a little stink town and will tell anyone I know that is traveling through there to not stop anywhere and avoid it if at all possible. In fact, I post a lot on Trip advisor and will be posting about this speed trap there. Shame on Byron police and your speed trap. Just bad business for tourists.
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As a professional truck driver I have traveled all across this nation, with a spotless safety record. On 7/23/16 while returning home from Yellowstone with the family car I was ticketed for speeding. What I am guilty of is not slowing fast enough to reach 30 MPH at or before the sign post . Check my speed 20 ft after the speed sign, I'm under the speed limit and safety rules the day. However safety is not the concern or purpose of a designed speed trap. The revenue is. So, with all due respect call a spade a spade .
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