Main street in Star Valley. About a mile long.

Payson, ArizonaFeb 13, 20114 Comments

You enter Star Valley from the east or west via a steep 6% grade into town, with lots of trees and curves to distract drivers. They have 4 sensors set up two each side spaced abour a 1/4 mile apart.
Speed drops from 55 to 45 (down hill). Road is 5 lanes wide with a center turning lane. Traffic is sparse as is business on either side of the road.
Fine currently is $197 per camera (10 miles over). So you could be fined twice on the same trip.
They do NOT apologize.

The enjoyment of our Arizona trip was dampened by the arrival of a nasty letter that arrived in the mail at our home from the city of Payson. It contained photos of the driver and license plate of our car along with a notice that we were traveling at 56 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. The location was the north highway entrance to town just at the reduced speed limit sign after a downhill decent, obviously a great location for a speed trap. We will pay the $210 (yes, the price has increased) fine by cashiers check or money order as demanded, but Payson and the merchants there will be the loser in the long run. We will avoid Payson on future trips assuring that payson merchants will never again benifit from any purchases by us. In addition, We have cautioned all of our friends of the speed trap there and advised them to pass through, being very cautious about their speed, without stopping for any reason. Sorry Payson, but you will strike out on this one.....Bob L
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My husband and I traveled through Payson to get to Pine Top to spend our second anniversary, where we got married. We reluctantly left Phoenix after 10 p.m., knowing that it was going to be tough to stays awake. After being blinded by the abnoxious flash of the camera we realized then that we will NEVER travel through Payson again, because we are being set-up for failure. We hope and apray that the ridiculous Arizona Government doesn't steal another $210 out of our hard-working, private-sector pockets. G#d help us all. SHAME ON YOU PAYSON!!!!
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Same story for me. I drove 1800 miles from Chicago on my way to Scottsdale always following the traffic laws to the best of my ability. Then I received the harshly worded ticket from Payson along with a $200 fine for supposedly driving 13mph over the limit. I cant even defend myself because I never saw a sign, light (flash), officer, patrol car, or anything for that matter. I too will never spend a dime in Payson on future trips and will remind everyone I know to do likewise. Even Chicago is not this corrupt.
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I just got mine... same thing... heading EB, uphill, halfway up the hill the speed limit sign says 55, just as you crest the hill, before having time to let off the gas, your photo is taken, about 100 feet past that you can see the 45 speed limit sign... outrageous. The ticket is $212 today, for 13 miles over the 45... totally unfair given the car is heading up hill at a legal 55, the 59 may have been as it evened out, before I let off... maybe there is a sign just before the crest of the hill, not sure, I don't remember seeing one but even if there is, how can you slow down in the short distance from just before the crest of the hill to the crest of the same hill, before having a photo taken. I will never go through that area again... well, I might, just to take video of the area and post it online... but certainly not to spend money or in any enhance that community of thieves!
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