Marine Avenue near Peck Street

Manhattan Beach, CaliforniaApr 19, 20051 Comments

Motorcycle cop sits behind shrubbery at Peck. Speed limit is 35. The ticket I received was way out of line. The cop told me I was doing at least 59, but he would only write me up for the minor violation of under 15 mph over the limit. By the way, this cop said that he had my reading from the top of the hill which is at least 1000 feet away! The limit on this street was 45 for years and years but was reduced after the street was improved. This particular officer had a line about motorcycle cops and "zero tolerance" so everyone gets a ticket… This procedure was very routine for this guy. He never asked for my registration or insurance, never looked at me and went on about how I could do Traffic School online and it would be as if I never received the ticket. What a joke! I happened to notice as I was traveling down the hill on this street that the Suburban ahead of me was someone I knew from work and they were travelling much faster than me. Funny, I got the ticket! I haven’t had a ticket since 1985 which I told the cop — he could have cared less. Four people that I work with at Northrop-Grumman received tickets here also. Beware!

I guess this is a lucrative spot (5 years after the only other comment) because I just got a ticket at 7:30 p.m. in the middle of the week with fairly sparse traffic. Going east on Marine, the motorcycle was on the right side of the road with it's lights off. Couldn't see him in the dark until he lit up like a Christmas tree and aimed right at me. I was interested in the fact that the other comment mentioned that this seemed like a routine spot to nab people because they didn't ask for proof of registration or insurance. I didn't think of that until I read it, but I wasn't asked for proof of those things either. When I asked if I could get a warning (he wrote me for 52 in a 35 zone) he said not when he's risking his life on the road at night. I wanted to tell him that if he kept his lights on instead of going dark to trap people, he might be safer. I got the same line about I can do traffic school and it will be like I never got the ticket. Tickets are outrageously expensive and some of us don't have a job. He said that if I called and asked, they could extend the time for me to pay. No paycheck in January isn't going to yield any more than no paycheck in December. Happy Holidays from the Manhattan Beach P. D. (Bet they never give tickets to "their own")
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