Mick Deaver Memorial Dr

Columbia, MissouriOct 07, 20141 Comments

Good luck going 20 mph on this road…going down the hill I had my foot on the brake the whole time and had trouble keeping myself at 30 let alone 20. University Police will sit here looking for easy catches. Luckily I haven’t been pulled over but I know people who have.

I go up and down this hill several times daily. I almost never see police in this area. However, I do think this speed limit is absurdly low. Drivers usually clock 30 mph going UP the hill, and can easily go between 35 and 40 mph down the hill. Busses, who almost always obey all traffic regulations even exceed the speed limit. I've also ridding my bike down this hill, and without peddling, my speedometer showed me go between 26-30 mph. There is not much traffic on this road, and there is little pedestrian activity. There is no reason for this speed limit to be low on this section of Mick Deaver Memorial Dr.
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