Mountain View RD. Between US Hwy 11 and Newton RD

Springville, AlabamaJan 23, 20111 Comments

I was going up hill on Mountain View RD. between US Hwy 11 and Newton RD at 40mph, City COP was hiding behind storage building. Posted speed limit is now 30mph. I know Cities are hurting form budget issues, but this is not the way to increase revenues. This will certainly reduce traffic and revenues to this small town in Alabama.

This speed trap targets those who pass through Springville city limits but do not live in Springville. This way the city officials do not have to concern themselves with offending voters who might oust them at the next election. I have lived here for 50 years, this trap has been started in the last two years. Everyone has always understood it was necessary to build speed to get up this mountain and excessive use of brakes would be necessary to slow to speed limit when coming down the mountain. This IS a speed trap. Tickets are $143.00 Government is helping itself to the people's money. We are being victimized by those who are supposed to protect us. One can tell they target specific people. One ticket was written to a woman with the tag number of another car she owns, NOT the car she was in at the time. This suggests they were looking at a database when they wrote the ticket, not the car's tag. Guess they have to make sure the mayor's friends are not bothered...
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