Near intersection MO 6 and MO 5

Milan, MissouriJan 31, 20031 Comments

Defective radar unit which says you’re doing 65 (10 over limit), regardless of actual speed. Will not activate radar detectors. The main road into town meets MO 6 at an angle. I have twice been in vehicles stopped here, and both times the police vehicle was angled toward the highway, but away from us as we approached. In one vehicle, a radar detector was on, but even sitting directly in front of the police car, it didn’t go into alarm. We even had the officer try to set it off, and it didn’t. Worked fine in Kirksville, though. The second time was a repeat of the first, except with no radar detector. BOTH times we got ticketed for doing 65, even though our speedometers said less. Local rumor (in Kirksville) has it that the police officer isn’t even trained in the use of a radar unit, or his training has expired. Depends on who you talk to.

The cop said I was doing 68 and 64,the car was on cruise control and only deviates 1 mile an hour. All the way to Milan from Kansas City the posted speed limits rarely gradually increase and decrease. The signs will go from 60 to 35 with virtually no warning. I am here on business and I will not spend 1 penny in Milan, MO. I will also inform the business, that I will not do business with them any longer with a police force that shakes down visitors, like the cops in Mexico.
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