New school bus camera trap BEWARE!!!!!

Lincoln, AlabamaJan 16, 20111 Comments

Lincoln has added cameras to school buss stop signs. They are putting out sign as you go by even before the bus has stopped. I and about 30-40 others have been ticketed via the mail and our stories are the same. I have never failed to stop for a bus and was shocked when I received my ticket in the mail. Seems they are trying to build a court house in Lincoln. To argue is useless, ticket fine 300.00 + 165.00 court cost, and that’s if you don’t fight it. We all tried to but saw it was a no win situation. It’s just your word against the bus camera. Avoid Lincoln Alabama and keep your money in your pocket, unfortunately I work up there. Next time I see a bus I will pull detour around it.

No Lincoln is not a speed trap. Lincoln has not added cameras to school buses the county board of education has to improve safety. The city has been saving up for 10 years to build a new city hall/firestation, so the writer is wrong on this matter. when you get a ticket in alabama all most all the money goes to the state and not the city, mostly a $20 fine for the city, the county is building a new jail and lots of the cost go toward the couty jail. cities dont build court houses, counties do. yes you can fight it just ask for the photo proof of your complaint, the photos dont lie, the judge is straight forward and if the photo shows no violation your ticket gets thrown out. if you pass illegally out side the city you will go to county court or childersburg court just depends on where the county buses operate.
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