North end of town on 321

Gifford, South CarolinaJun 24, 20190 Comments

I was driving south to north through this town. Saw the 45 mph sign and then the 35 mph sign. Kept my speed within 5 mph of posted limits. As I approached the north side of town, there is a hill one has to climb and also within 100 feet, one can easily see the 45 mph sign. I accelerated up the hill, past the 45 mph sign, and then continued at that speed till I saw the 55 mph sign. I was quite a bit past the 55 mph sign when I saw an unmarked silver police car with it’s lights on far in the distance behind me. I pulled over at a safe point and at that time, the officer told me I was going 47 in a 35. I told him I had seen the 45 mph sign and had begun accelerating, however, he informed me that the speed did not change till after the sign and that I was going that speed before reaching the sign. I told him I had a what is labeled as a ‘Safe Driver’ on my drivers’ license and that I had never received a speeding ticket in over 40 years of driving. I thought I was going to get a warning. No, instead I got a ticket for $128.75. Even if traveling north to south through Gifford beware. If you start down that hill and are not going 35 mph when you reach that sign, you’re setting yourself up for a ticket. Just do yourself a favor and avoid this area like the plague–include with that all of 321. At least 20 to 30 small towns within only a few miles of each other the entire length of 321 and all drop their speeds to 35 mph. I only went through this area as there was a 10 mile traffic jam on I-95 before 26 and didn’t want any part of it. I would have rather have been in that than again deal with that drive on 321–even if I hadn’t received a speeding ticket.

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