North Frontage Road near From Greendale Mall, North Frontage Road is the access road to Rte. I-190

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North Frontage Road is a two-lane road that serves as an access Road to I-190. As you exit the Greendale Mall, there is a sign pointing to I-190, directing you to turn right. When you turn right, you are on North Frontage Road. The initial speed limit is 40mph, within 500 feet it changes to 25mph (near the right hand exit to Norton/St.Gobain company), and then within 500 feet the speed limit changes to 35mph. Just after when the speed limit changes to 35mph, the police officer (usually a motorcycle patrol with lidar) sits on the right side of the road. As you are driving up the road, the officer is not visible until you are next to him or her.

This is an especially tricky area, as it is right before North Frontage Road forks. You merge onto I-190 on the left, or you can stay on North Frontage Road to the left to head towards Brooks street or Mountain street.

If you are going to merge onto I-190 on the left, and traffic is light, you will naturally begin building up speed to merge safely, at which point you are stopped and given a speeding ticket.

I fought this ticket in court and won. I pointed out to the judge that the 35 mph speed limit sign is incorrect and that the speed study indicated a limit of 45. The 35 mph sign has since been changed to 45 mph and the police do not frequent this site as much.
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