North of Oakdale on Hwy 165

Oakdale, LouisianaMay 31, 20104 Comments

The Ward Marshall and his deputy have gotten into the ticket-writing business instead of just serving Court Orders. They just bought 2 new cars and have to pay the notes on them. They are just waiting on you to get to Oakdale!

I have been caught in this speed trap. It is very subtle as the city limit of Oakdale are far norht of the actual town of Oakdale, This is much the same way that the town of Woodworth is..It is a few miles north of Oakdale.
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The young officer that stoped me stated that he hated to get up everymoring and do this (write tickets) but you know how it is "it's all about the money", he has to do it. I told him that it is a crying shame that in the united states a police officer and city leaders have to conduct buisiness in a manner that they are all ashamed of. I point blank told him I felt good about the job I do everyday when I go to work and feel sorry for him. (I honestly do not understand why that would not be cosidered extortion. I have part of it on tape but there's no one to report it too) To add fuel to the fire, there was no construction workers present but he said he had to put that on the ticket as well. I honestly believe "what goes around comes around" and the city leaders and police officers involved in this pure estortion, lieing, and stealing will have to answer for their disgusting behavious sooner or latter.
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The speed limit is NOT a suggestion. And its POSTED therefore NOT a trap. Just pay attention...or a ticket.
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Pulled over just north of Oakdale LA. Officer says I was travelling faster than the car in front of me. The office said the vehicle in front of me was travelling at 61mph. I was doing 64 in a 50MPH zone. NOTE: I was stopped in front of the 65MPH sign. Officer asked for license, registration and proof of insurance. I provided license and proof of insurance and said my registration is here on the windshield (I'm from Texas). He said I have to provide the receipt. He also said he was a cop in Texas once. HE LIED. The transportation code does not say you have to carry the receipt.
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