North on hwy through Rockdale down a hill from 70 to 50 mph

Rockdale, TexasMar 26, 20112 Comments

My wife released the gas peddle on the 2010 Prius as soon as we saw the new speed limit of 60 and the car coasted thru the subsequent 50 mph sigh at 68. You must apply the brakes. We were busted. It is an ideal speed trap. I appealed to the JP for relief but got a note from a clerk suggesting there was no excuse for being 18 over the limit. $200.00.

This is definitely a speed trap. Police sets up in an area where speed zones change drastically in a short distance. The drastic changes are a traffic hazard themselves but serve as ideal places for the local officers to write tickets and make revenue for the city. I'll never spend another nickel in this city as long as I live. No stopping in Rockdale for me, sorry local merchants, your town is not visitor friendly when it comes to your traffic officers.
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In the last 16 years, I've received only two (2) citations, 4 years apart -- both in Rockdale, and both issued for less than 6 mph over the (nearly invisibly) posted limit. It appears these types of speed-traps are one of the best sources of revenue for many of these microscopic little dirt-water 'Dales. The only thing we can do (assuming we still have a few dollars after paying out their ridiculous fines and court costs!) is to vote with those few, leftover hard-earned dollars. Yes folks .... spend them somewhere else! If these dusty little gas-stops can't find anything less unethical to do to generate income for themselves than to use Barney Fife to rob motorists while staying 'just this side of the law', then perhaps these "quaint" little holes-in-the-wall should just go belly-up and be annexed to another black-top super highway.
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