Northbound Rockville Pike (MD 355) at Grosvenor Lane

Bethesda, MarylandAug 02, 20132 Comments

This trap is tricky for two reasons- 1. it’s just after Exit 34 off the DC Beltway and 2. the camera is mounted back from the intersection, high up over the left-most lane and not at all apparent. That’s just the way Montgomery County wants it, of course. The limit is 35. SLOW DOWN after exiting the Beltway.

MD is a very corrupt state and this program is Entirely corrupt. I have gone to court on tickets I've gotten. You have No Say at all. You are treated just like a Wallet there to be raided. The courtroom is a Cash Register and no justice is available or of any interest to the judge. It is so Sick. It is Not about safety it is about highway robbery. Cameras are as camouflaged as possible and get more so with passing time and more camera deployment. Cameras are posted far back from corners and purposefully placed in areas where speed limit has Just been changed to a LOWER speed to ensnare the max number of law abiding drivers. I'd like to lead a revolution on the illegality of these cameras and end this abuse of MD drivers. This program is entirely sick and a raping of MD motorists. Fight any ticket you get any way you can.
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How did the USA the land of the free ever devolve to this surveillance police state? Every citizen should be very concerned and work to stop this abuse.
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