Northeast Georgia 400/60

Dahlonega, GeorgiaJan 01, 20024 Comments

Too many officers for such a small town, so you know they need the ticket money. Couple of my friends got arrested for having a few joints, and they told me that a drug dog was walked around there vehicle……I spoke to my cousin who lives in that area and he told me that they stop alot of vehicles and make many arrests just to pay for the officers. I got stopped for speeding and the officer asked to search my vehicle…he didnt find anything…he didnt even write me a speeding ticket…so i guess i got lucky because about 2 miles down the road from where i got stopped, i saw another vehicle on the side of the road with two patrol vehicles and a drug dog and they were arresting two people. Bottom line stay away from this town.

Definately what I would call a honeyhole! Been at Waffle House and watched them pull people over and b4 he can even get parked again he`s back to blue lights, sometimes 6 or 7 times before I finish eating. When it changes to 55 toward the end of 400 best not go above 60. GSP is the #1 but Lumpkin will sometimes get you too. In fact the whole stretch between Dawsonville and the end of 400 is heavily patrolled, so sloooooow down! Thats Dawson County, GSP, and Lumpkin and they will get you!
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You know, if you weren't out there speeding and doing pot or whatever else you do, they wouldn't have reason to pull you over or to charge you with anything. Bottom line is obey the law. Don't drive under the influence, don't speed. They allow you 10 miles over the speed limit before they go after you. They don't need the money to pay their officers. The officers don't make that much. And they certainly don't get it frome those of us who do obey the laws.
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And yes, definatley stay away for this town, if you don't want to obey the law.
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I will tell you that this is definately a trap. I live in Dahlonega and the GSP, Dawson , and Lumpkin officers use this area as a "Ticket Hot Spot". The speed changes from 65 to 55 about one mile from the end of GA 400/Hwy 60 intersection. They primarily get you coming NORTH since most people are already doing 70+ when they hit the "55" zone. If you roll by them at 60-63 you are ok. if you are 65 or over....sorry but your tagged!!! Going SOUTH is not as bad since the sspeed limit is 55 when you first get on 400 anyway. Most of the guys are decent and if you are nice to them, they will be nice to you. You have to remember that they are looking for the dumb ass that thinks they can jsut drive at whatever speed they want and get away with it. And as far as searching your car...unless they have a reason to search it, they won't. If you are young or old, give them a reason and they will search the car. I have seen them with all ages. They look for the obvious though. Remember, its all about the money so if you do get a ticket, you can get the charge reduced to a non moving violation (no points) and pay the fine. If you are nice to the officer, he will be nice to you......95% of the time. Some guys may be having a bad day ( fight with the wife or its his time of the month..LOL) just be nice and they should return the favor.
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