Oakland Avenue near Porter Street

Helena, ArkansasDec 20, 20071 Comments

This trap on Oakland Ave. close to Perry/Porter Sts. It is a divided four lane. The speed limit varies from 40-45mpg on most of Oakland but is 35mph at this area and there is no reason for it. No one drives 35 thru here. I clocked the traffic judge, that had just fined a friend for speeding here, at 15mph over the limit. The local police regularly set up radar here to catch motorists when they run onto the 35mph area. The local police in the twin cities very frequently work the 35mph areas where they know they can catch motorists easiest. A normal ticket is $140 which tells you they are just out to make the bucks. Helena/W Helena Ar. are "Speed Traps."

While I agree with the above poster about being no reason for a speed limit in this area set at 35 mph, I must disagree about this being a speed trap. I have lived in the area for 39 years (as an adult) and the speed limit on the entire Oakland Ave has always been posted at 35mph. The locals (me included) speed down the street at up to 50 mph. The police just set up radar occasionally to try to keep the speeding down. Most think they should be able to speed through here with no punishment.
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