Old Baker Road

Zachary, LouisianaMay 10, 20101 Comments

Speed van on Old Baker Road. If traveling from Baker into Zachary, the speed van will be on the left side of the road. It is parked in the yard by the road at a ZPD officer’s home.

I believe it is something like 30mph on Old Baker Rd. There are people who literally find this a raceway but they don't get caught because they are clued in perhaps or just plain lucky. I leave home and there is absolutely no traffic on the road and I am going maybe 5-10mph over the limit and I got a ticket. I had the road to myself. Hardly seemed fair to be on an open road, not another car anywhere and get a costly ticket for barely speeding. Why not charge people a reasonable rate instead of causing a hardship and breaking the bank? Those who normally speed would get tired of the tickets eventually.
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