Old Redwood Hwy @ Applebees

Petaluma, CaliforniaMar 23, 20102 Comments

Petaluma cop sits in Applebee’s driveway just before the McDowell light or behind the utility box in the first driveway on your right on Old Redwood Hwy just after the “bridge”. Speed limit goes from 40 at the “bridge” to 35 right before Redwood Way light. Usually mornings around 8am…sometimes in the mid afternoon.

Notorious trap: Speed limit signage has been changed at least 6 times in last five years. Residents of Penngrove have complained that the limit signs conflict with the county limit signs just a few hundred feet from city limits, varying as whims of Petaluma traffic management need for revenue. Average speed & speed limit on Petaluma Blvd. North is 45. Limit signs drop it to 35 through Stony Point intersection and overpass ... Limit signs in question from 101 overpass north on Old Redwood Hiway to city limits have varied from 30 to 40 depending on whims of Petaluma traffic "management" revenue needs. Historically, Old Redwood Hiway speed limits have been as high as 60. 1980 speed limits dropped to 55, then 45, currently.
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i got a ticket at this spot on my motorcycle going toward Petaluma when the light turned yellow - and bang! A MOTORCYCLE OFFICER pulled myself and a friend over just like the other comments. We were thinking on a yellow light. WRONG the speed changes at the light we each got tickets for 52 in 35 we tried to talk to the officer, it was pointless he was insulted that we asked to see the radar and said he does not have to show us. We will fight the ticket. This is a sneaky trap the speed signs are obscured by tree branches. Petaluma police like all other authority figures feel they are above us citizens. I thought it was to serve and protect I guess I was wrong this is a revenue generator.
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