On Fournier Blvd. near cemetary

Gatineau, QuebecMar 26, 20101 Comments

The speed trap is between MacDonald-Cartier Bridge and the cemetary. Either direction.
When you are coming from Gatineau towards Ottawa the speed limit changes from 70km to 50 km.
Be very careful

I got a ticket for this trap. I am a Kanata resident and not familiar with that road. On April 26, 2013, I drove back to Ottawa from a funiture store in Gatineau. The speed limit on southbound is 70 km/h and sign is very clear. However, after passing the cemetary, the first 50 km/h speed sign is not quite visible as it was embedded in a big tree. I did not see this sign at that time and just followed the traffic. I drove on the left lane and truck on the righ lane blocked my view further. Then truck made right turn to the gas station and I suddenly saw the second speed sign of 50km/h. I began to slow down immediately, but it was too late. The police turn out from cross road. I believe when I passed that cross road, my speed had been reduced to 50km/h. The police simply monitored my speed when I passed the 1st 50km speed sign. The distance of the two sign was just around 50 meters. I believe that it should allow people especially a stranger like me to some time to adjust the speed. When I got the ticket back to April 26, I registered the plea for not guility and selected evening court. I went to the office office on May 7, 2013. It is strange that I did not receive any court date notification letter but a final judgement letetr on Oct 24, 2013. Hence I filed a motion in revocation of judgement to give me a chance for the court. It was scheduled to this evening, Nov 11, 2013. However, on the court, when I showed the a judger the google street view of that 1st 50km speed sign. He did not listen carefully to my point that the sign was not so visible where embedded in a big tree. He interrupted me immediately and said, "Look, the sign was there! The case dismissed!" He even did not give me the chance to finish my statement. My key point is that it should give anyone especially a stranger like me a chance to adjust the speed when see the 2nd 50 km/h speed sign which is not embedded in a big tree. The 2 speed sign is less than 50 meter. It is unfair for me to receieve this ticket and not allow me to finish my statements on the court. With all my experience, I believe that this is definitely a speed trap. The city should move the 1st 50km speed sign out of the big tree. Otherwise, it is set up there on purpose.
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