On IL-56 near Galena Blvd

Sugar Grove, IllinoisApr 27, 20102 Comments

This is a construction zone. Village police enforce the 45 in the middle of the night when nobody is working except them.

The work zone signs are posted a mile in advance of the work zone in both directions, with no orange markers until you get very close to the actual work. If the workers' safety was really their goal, there would be orange markers along the entire work zone. Instead, the lack of markers gives drivers the false impression that the work zone is still ahead. Gotcha! Recently, I've noticed that the police wait until the offenders are about a mile past the work zone before they turn on their lights to pull people over. I believe this is to prevent potential revenue sources from seeing that they are present until it is too late. Honestly, I fully support the idea of enforcing work zone speed limits and speed limits in general, but in this particular case, Sugar Grove is clearly baiting the trap with the extended, poorly unmarked work zones in order to stuff the village coffers. I have been driving for over 30 years, and I've seen more people stopped in this work zone than I have in all other work zones combined -- by far. The sad thing is, this feels to me like the police stealing from the people they're supposed to be protecting. If the city needs money, don't turn honest citizens into criminals. Raise taxes and then let the voters be heard.
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Work zone is a work zone. IDOT is in charge of putting out the cones on IL RT 56, complain to them.
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