On Tampa Av north of the 118 fwy

Northridge, CaliforniaDec 14, 20102 Comments

There is a very desperate LAPD cop who sits to the rear of the shopping center on Tampa Av just north of the 118 fwy. He is usually there during weekday, night time hours and tries to catch people making right turns against a red light on Tampa Av from the 118 west off-ramp. This guy is a real slime ball and must be hurting for tickets.

This is true. He got me. I truly did not notice the no right turn on red sign and I turned. He pulled me into the Whole Foods parking lot and I begged him not to ticket me that I truly did not know the sign was there, which is true - I'd never seen that sign (I hardly ever get off the freeway there). He so wanted to give me that ticket but I think he could see that I was telling the truth and I promised never to do it again. He let me go with a warning. It's stupid to have that sign there and I don't see the point in it.
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I know this corner well. The reason for the no turn on red is that to your left is both a right hand curve and an up hill which minimizes your seeing rapidly moving traffic. Your chance of an accident is really there!
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