overpass on Hwy 165 northbound, coming out of town

Georgetown, LouisianaJul 24, 20122 Comments

The speed limit goes up and down all through this town (talk about a set-up!). It goes up to 65 as you’re going out of town but drops to 45 just before going over the last overpass out of town. The speed limit sign is easy to miss, given the psychological though that you’re on your way out of town so 65 seems likely henceforth. There’s a police car JUST over the pass waiting, radaring!
The joke of it all, the speed limit goes back up to 65 about 500 meters past the overpass!! I could see it as the officer was writing my ticket!! I pointed it out to him and he couldn’t have cared less. Absolute entrapment! I got hit for $215 – 62 (under the previous speed limit less than a half mile back) in a 45.
And the only "deferred adjudication" the town offers is "it won’t go on your insurance. It will be a non-moving violation". You still have to pay the full fine regardless. Our legislatures are really dropping the ball here!

This is definitely how I received a citation. I see this has been going on for the last 3 years at least! It was absolutely absurd. I wasn't even using the gas, just coasting down the otherside of the overpass, and received the ticket. I was not speeding at all going up the incline. I made sure of it, because it I got one last year coming through in same place! Whoever says this is not a speed trap is lying, they are likely the cops giving the tickets! They target out of towners, especially out of state vehicles! Rediculous!
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Coming off overpass headed south. 65 to 55 immediately. Cop facing oncoming traffic as Coke over the overpass. Immediately after I finish passed he flipped on lights, zoomed up behind me and I pulled over. Soooo obvious that this cop uses this location to trap drivers. It was his daily routine ... $248.00. Rip off
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