PA Rt. 93 throughout town

Beaver Meadows, PennsylvaniaJul 07, 20031 Comments

Speed limit drops heading north (towards hazleton) on 93 immediately after crossing the bridge into town from 55 to 35, both local and state cops sit in the Texaco parking lot right after the bridge to nab you. Heading south (from hazleton), the speed limit of 35 going downhill is ridiculous, but you can get caught anywhere in town along this stretch, especially at the bottom of the hill, where it curves east. Though the entire town of Beaver Meadows is known among locals of the hazleton area to be a trap, many still end up getting tickets here every day.

I am originally form Hazleton and I am very familiar with the speed trap that is Beaver Meadows. In 2008 I was heading north on Rt 93 approaching Beaver Meadows. Right after the bridge I noticed him sitting in the parking lot of the gas station on the left. I came to a complete stop in front of him to let two teens cross the road (they were Jay Walking). about a 1/2 mile up the road he pulls me over by the church and tells me he clocked me doing over 50 in a 35 zone where he was sitting. Of course I told him how could that be possible when I stopped in front of you but he wasnt hearing it. Then my 78 year old mother who was sitting in the back seat, whom he did not notice at first, raised the same question. I guess upon seeing that there was a witness in the vehicle he decided to "cut me a break" and issued me a no point citation for "failure to obey a traffic control device". I was livid and wanted to fight it but didnt want to put my mother through that since it was hard for her to travel. I cant tell you the amount of disdain I still have for this corrupt individual even seven years later. I also believe he was arrested for shop lifting prior to being hired by Beaver Meadows. What goes around comes around and some day he will get whats he deserves and I will be laughing.
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