Paige Road near State Highway 121

The Colony, TexasMay 09, 20081 Comments

After turning into The Colony from Hwy 121, the road narrows to one lane in each direction for construction. The speed limit is dropped down to 25 MPH for the entire ride north. My car can do 25 without touching the gas. If there are workers anywhere on the stretch, you can get tagged for ‘workers present’ which means you can’t take defensive driving nor can you go for a deferal – it is either pay or try your luck with the judge. I was stuck behind a person who couldn’t read the street signs and stopped at every intersection (while doing 15 – 20 between each street). When they finally started a turn, I gassed it to get away from them and ran into Mr. Copper. The lights went on, and I was tagged with 36 in a 25. No real discussion from the officer, he just took my license and went back to write a ticket. Even though the workers were over 1/2 mile away, he gave me a ticket (with no fee schedule) stating workers were present and said that I could go for deferrment when I called the city. When I called the city, they said, no way, pay up or else. I would avoid that area at all costs (or pay the $258 fee).

Absolutely a SPEED TRAP. This is a speed trap at 121 and paige/plano pkwy SB in the colony. I sat and watched the cops pull over two other people then had to jet. I was coming off 121 doing what 70 and reducing to 65, 55, 50 then going on the service road to an intersection at paige rd/plano pkwy. When i turn right on paige i didnt see a sign and accelerated back up to a REASONABLE speed about 30 to 40. When you drive farther it goes back to 50mph. But right there you turn into a stretch of road called a "construction zone." but on my ticket it says" construction zone-N. But it was Sunday. No body working, and i didn't see any sign. When I came back after getting a ticket I saw the sign. I was clocked by moving radar doing 41 in a 30? Also I saw the cop pull another vehicle over in the same place as me in just 5 minutes from when he left me. I bet all day Sunday doing that brings in a sufficient amount of income for the city and the cop gets lots of citation brownie points. Definantely a speed trap. If we got a foi request on the number of tickets at that spot it would look like a criminal enterprize extorting money. They should not have the limit it so low when there is no construction going on and in between 121 and 50mph limit further down the road. They double your ticket if there are workers present.
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