Palos Verdes Drive West

Palos Verdes, CaliforniaJan 01, 20013 Comments

The officers sit back on the ocean side near wayfarers chapel in the mornings and afternoons

This is definitely a speed trap! Each one of my family members have gotten a ticket in this exact location. They sit in the entrance to the Abalone Cove Parking lot and also a little further down before you hit the bumpy road.
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Just got a ticket there this morning! right where the speed limit reduces from 45 to 35...
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Just before PV Drive enters Portuguese Bend heading toward Trump Golf/San Pedro the speed limit drops from 45 to 35. The cops hang out in the private-drive pullout for Abalone Cove, and you can't see them until way too late. Where the speed limit drops to 35, the number of lanes also drops from four to two, so a lot of people gas it to get past a slowpoke they see 25-50 yards ahead of them as the lanes merge. Bad move, cuz then you're doing 60 in a 35. That's a $400 ticket. Beware of Deputy Skinny! When you get pulled over, you'll know what I mean.
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