Patrick Henry Drive near Collegiate Suites

Blacksburg, VirginiaMay 08, 20081 Comments

Right b/w Collegiate Suites and Terrace View, there is an electrical box set up off the road with a large concrete pad. The police love to sit there, mainly during the later hours of the day. I’ve also seen them sitting almost directly across the street up on the sidewalk near the old house with the white fence.

BPD cars usually sit here during afternoon rush hour and during midday when people are driving to lunch. The speed limit was dropped from 35 to 25 a few years ago on the pretense that the risk of someone plowing into a bunch of drunken students on an underlit road with no crosswalks was too great. Suddenly, that electrical transformer box became a very popular bear's nest. Enforcement is sporadic but heavy. They run the trap every day for a week or two and then vanish for a month. And, like every other speed trap in Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford/Montgomery Co., enforcement spikes during any sort of major event (beginning/end of VPI semesters, BHS prom, VPI football games, etc. My rule of thumb (heading towards N. Main St.) is to go 30 mph between the stoplight at Progress St. until the speed trap. Usually, the tail end of the cruiser sticks out behind the box; if it's not visible then it's safe to start driving a sane and reasonable speed.
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