Pennsylvania Road near Hefner Drive

The Village, OklahomaAug 17, 20041 Comments

I joined an international data corporation in The Village and was warned on day #1 about the exhaustive efforts of the Village Police. My shift ended at 3 A.M. and I was almost always followed to Nichols Hills every night. I stayed at 5mph under the limit.
Watch out for 2 to 3 of them waiting in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven at Brittan and Penn. One of them even chased me down at 80 to 90 MPH on Brittan (I was only doing 40, but he was 1/2 mile behind me.) I monitored him on my trusty police scanner. Even though he had ran my plate about 30 times before, he wanted to run it one more time. By the time the return came back to the dispatcher, I was already Southbound on the Hefner Parkway doing 55 mph. People were passing me like I was standing still. He had to go all the way to 63rd to get back to his jurisdiction. By then, he was about 6 miles out of his own city. What would he have said to the guy’s wife if his buddy had been shot back in The Village? "Well mam, I was chasing down a guy on The Hefner just to get a return on his car tag. So sorry…."
Also, be extremely careful anywhere in the Village. They lost a Walmart 3 years ago and an Albertson’s this year! Their budget is down $500,000!

This is a well known speed trap town. The trap on Hefner Parkway is set up to catch anyone just one mile over the limit coming down an incline where the limit changes.
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