Right next to the Post Office

Oliver, GeorgiaSep 12, 20111 Comments

I just had a similar encounter with Oliver Police. It was the day I moved from Augusta to Savannah so I had a trail of around 6 cars behind me (all my family). I was going around 55 and was slowing down and I was probably going around 45 when I got to the sign but it was too late he cut his blue lights on and got me and my brother for "going 20 over" He told me he wouldnt take points off my liscense but I called and found out my fine was $375 which is rediculous. I noticed when I was going to court though that about 2 miles from Oliver coming from Savannah there is a sign that says "Avoid the Speedtrap" it should read "Avoid this town"

I am so glad that I found this website. And I am LMAO at the number of posts to Oliver's speedtrap. All of the surrounding counties know of this trap and know of Barney Fife sitting in front of the post office. If you are heading west or is it north on Hwy. 17 coming from the Savannah direction, you do see a sign just outside the city limits of Oliver that states in bold lettering that you are about to enter a speed trap. I think it was erected by locals. There is not a redlight but stop signs crossing old highway 17 in the center of Oliver where the crossroads are. There may be a yellow caution light facing both ways of 17 with a red caution light at the stop signs. I'm not sure. But anyway, Barney is always there unless he is home eating. This poor slob puts in many hours taking your money. I have to congratulate him for his tireless efforts. My wife and I have to go through Oliver to get to her sisters in Newington. Believe me, we know to slow down when entering the money pit. To Barney it is probably a honey pot. LOL. This trap should have been on the National Motorist Associations top ten list for speed traps this year and past years too. Ya'll be good out there and say Hi to Barney for me.
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