River Road near Colonial Country Club

Harahan, LouisianaSep 25, 20074 Comments

In Harahan fo about ten blocks at the west end of River Road the speed limit drops from 35 to to 20 Mph. The Harahan PD aggressively enforces this. 3 times out of five when I drive this route I see the police have someone pulled over. Since no one expects the speed limit to be 20, they do what they expect to be the speed limit – 35 as on the rest of the 8-mile stretch of River Road.

The street is clearly posted at 20 mph. If you get a ticket you clearly deserve it.
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Has anyone in your family been attacked or maimed by a killer car. Have you killed anyone with that four wheeled deadly weapon.
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Yes, River Road is a speed trap!!! Really a no brainer that they must need money really bad!!! I was going 34mph and the speed limit dropped way down to 20mph and I got a ticket unfortunately.....I went back and checked because I did not see the warning to lower my speed ahead of time. The 20mph speed limit signs are pretty much one after the other and no warning to reduce your speed......I bet they write tickets all the time and that is a legalized speed trap for sure.....They don't want you to slow down or there would be a reduce your speed sign warning you ahead of time!!!
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Harahan cops are sitting there just waiting for you to miss the speed limit sign which drops from 35 to 20 with no warning ... RIDICULOUS ... which is what happened in my case. When I realized it I slowed down immediately to 20. Cop still pulled me over and gave me a ticket. I'm unemployed and had a one day temp assignment and am not used to traveling this road. He tells me he's just doing his job; well, that's all I'm trying to do! At least he's got a job! Avoid this area, turn off towards Jefferson Hwy before you see the 20mph sign! And when you get to Jeff Hwy be sure to go 40mph and not 45mph because they'll get you there, too - especially during Church at St. Rita where they monitor drivers. Sorry, this will offend some, but I guess Harahan cops have nothing better to do than to monitor drivers. I did NOT need this ticket, don't feel I deserved it. SPEEDTRAP!!!!! AVOID THE AREA!!!
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