Route 95 South

Elberta, AlabamaJul 08, 20072 Comments

Route 95 is an open country road, east of Elberta. The local police patrol this area more than the main highways. The road does not have a posted speed limit for 5 miles or so as I’ve afterward researched. Stopped by a local and given a ticket for 64mph in an zone he said was 45mph. It was on an early Sunday am, in a rush, using a strange truck. Being out of state (NH) am unfamiliar to the road, never saw any speed signs, I thought I was going about 55mph. Furthermore the truck had 225K miles on it and don’t know the accuracy. Pitting a commercial worn speedometer against a "certified" gun is a bogus situation. I’ve been producing quality control products for 26 years to major companies and know about manufacturing limits. It’s all a speed trap designed to get revenue for a town. I’ll fight it all.

The same thing happen to me on 87 north of Hyw 98 a few years back when I came here from Michigan. There was no speed signs going north from Hwy 98 to Hwy 90 . I went to court and fought it, the ticket was dropped if I took a driving lecture for a couple hours. After that they put up speed signs. Another time I was pulled over for passing on a bridge. there was no yellow lines or sign saying no passing. The cop said " you can't pass on a bridge!" I didn't get a ticket but there is no doubt that that cop did not know what he was talking about. There still is no yellow line or no passing sighs on bridges on Hwy 90 Elberta, Al. snowbird
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I live near Elberta and agree 100% that they operate several speedtraps. HOWEVER, ignorance of the speed limit is not a valid excuse, anywhere. Further, if you were actually doing 64 in a zone you believed to have a limit of 55 means you were speeding. I normally speed 5-10 mph, but I am very much aware that I AM SPEEDING when my speedometer reads anything OVER the posted or assumed speed limit. Don't complain you were 'trapped' when you were just plain caught doing what you weren't supposed to be doing!
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