Rt-119 (aka Main Street)

Townsend, MassachusettsJun 24, 20032 Comments

Suggest you drive the speed limit anywhere on this street as there are numerouse wooded areas ideal for hiding police cars. And hide they do.

Rt. 119 has clearly posted speed limit signs it's entire length. As you approach more heavily populated areas the posted speed limits decrease significantly and suddenly... often from 45 mph to 25 mph before jumping back up to 45 mph. The police often sit along the route in every town in plain site picking off as many people as they have time for. No big deal... it's their job. So, if you're runnin' along at 50 mph and not paying any attention...you'll easily get caught.
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The Townsend 119 speed traps are always there. They hide in homeowners property/ driveways and I guess they don't have any real police work besides chasing someone on there way to work! The few that are working. The other problem is that from Ashby,Ma on 119 the speed limit changes about 35 times before you reach the concord rotary. Seems quite unfair to me. They do not seem to be out and about hiding on weekends when the speeders are there. They consentrate too much on the working class. Just my thought!
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