Rt 12 and Rt 120

Volo, IllinoisFeb 20, 20124 Comments

This is a Red Light Camera for RT 120, this is only for added revenue for Volo, it has nothing to do with safety as they posted on the Mcdonalds entrance door. Do not stop past the white line or you get a ticket in the mail. They also sit in the parking lot in the hot dog place to watch if the light goes off they give you another ticket for something.

I went to Kenny the King cigars not far from this intersection to purchase over $100 in cigars. I had been there about a month before. Love the place great large indoor humidor. On the way to US 12 I didn't make a complete stop and got a $100 ticket. On the video you can the the cars making a left turn from 12 onto 120, so clearly I posed no danger to oncoming traffic. It's clearly a revenue grabbing device and has nothing to do with safety. So stick a fork in Lakemoor and Kenny the King cigars. I WILL NEVER VISIT OR PATRONIZE ANY OF THEIR BUSINESSES. Sorry business owners, it's up to you to end this revenue grabbing charade just like Woodfield mall did.
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I have received 2 tickets for turning right on red from 120 to 12 going west.. you cant see traffic coming north till u pass the white line. if u pass its a ticket.. this is lakemore ...total revenue cam for lakemore
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Three people in our family have now received red light tickets at the intersection of rt. 120 traveling west turning (rt) onto rt. 12. Upon reviewing each of these videos, a brief stop was made just past the white line. As stated above it is necessary to stop past the white line in order to see oncoming traffic. The only way around this is to stop twice. WE WILL ALSO END ALL PATRONIZING OF LAKEMOORE BUSINESSES. We've paid this town for two tickets so far and something needs to be done to stop the greediness of this village and it's harassment of good citizens. Someone please post how we can fight the officials on this. Maybe calling the news stations would be a start. Lets band together.
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I agree that "Red Light Camera" programs are mostly extortion scams. I am fed up and suggest we do something about this. Just like drivers honk the horns to support causes when people demonstrate, we can honk the horns where ever Red Light Camera signs are posted, in municipalities that have them, at addresses where Red Light Cameras companies and politicians that support them reside. We do have freedom of expression in USA. Let express our disapproval for the Red Light Cameras scams. Pass this suggestion on.
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