RT.13 Mile Marker 82

Northampton, VirginiaAug 20, 20121 Comments

Cops sitting off to the side of rt.13 in semi-hidden location; semi-hidden meaning at the end of a short curve…OR they come at you on heading north (I was heading south) at extremely high rate of speed. I was issued my first ticket in this "town"…75mph in 55mph zone. I was attempting to pass around a belching semi-, which was going under the 55 mph, but still required that I speed up somewhat to pass around….perfectly legal. So apparently this is what these "county" sheriff cops call "reckless driving" (they need to hitch up the horse buggy and come to NJ!). I just find it utterly ridiculous. I suspect these little "county" municipalities along rt.13 in Va. and Md. keep speed limits in the stone age to take advantage of all the fat wallets passing through town on the way to vacation points. I politely queried the cop that pulled me over about where, when and how he registered my speed, as well as the type of radar he utilized and he practically stumbled through his explanation ending with "well, anyways I gotcha on video". Oooh boy, that certainly makes me feel confident in his abilities. Nonetheless, I will be heading back to this hole in the wall with good representation b/c this is not the wild west and people ought to be confident the local authorities are indeed concerned about safety NOT how deep their pockets are.

Were you be able to fight off your ticket? I too got my first ticket, and am so well confused about how to handle this situation. and its 87/55.. I am pretty sure I was speeding, but not above 70.
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