Rte 237 between Huston Rd intersection and Great Falls School

Gorham, MaineFeb 03, 20200 Comments

First of I will state that I am a big supporter of ALL Law Enforcement but this experience must be told about the Gorham Police Dept.

No matter what direction or speed you are travelling at over the speed limit of 30MPH on this segment of Sebago Lake Rd the Gorham Police either parked on the side of the road OR travelling towards you from the opposite direction will put his flashing lights on, chase you down and pull you over to unjust-fully cite you with $170 (10-15MPH over the posted speed limit) speeding ticket within a sidewalkless Speed Trap “School Zone.” Sure, contest the ticket by getting a court date only to NOT have the officer who cited you but a surrogate officer appear in court to defend the citation of usually the insane 15MPH over the posted speed limit of 30MPH. The attending officer waits until the last possible moment and then calls your name to get you to agree to a lesser speed of 1-9 MPH over the posted speed. If you so choose you can request a hearing at a later date where the officer who wrote you the ticket can THEN finally appear and defend his ticket of you going 45 in a 30 “School Zone” where all children attending the school are transported on buses. NO children ever walk this stretch of road with NO SIDEWALKS. This experience has led me to believe that this location is actually TWO Traps. The first being the physical location that the Gorham Police EXPLOIT for revenue and then The TRAP that is set for you IN COURT when you actually appear to contest the ticket only to have the surrogate officer work the clock on you before court goes back into session placing you in a difficult position to force you to eventually plead out to the lesser speed violation that is offered to you. Otherwise you can continue the charade and forfeit yet more of your valuable time within the Halls of supposed Justice.

I hope EVERYONE who reads this and who travels this stretch of road in Gorham can learn from MY UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE. Drive safely.

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