Rte 495, Rte 111, Swanson Road, all other roads

Boxborough, MassachusettsJul 01, 20000 Comments

Avoid driving in the town of Boxborough, Massachusetts if at all possible. I lived there for 6 years and was warned as soon as I moved in by all of my neighbors about the Boxborough Police Department. To say they are overzealous is far too lenient a description of their traffic enforcement. They will ticket you for 5 miles over the limit and will go to the law books to write as many infractions on you as possible. I observed these sociopaths harassing innocent people all the time I lived there, on a daily basis. They cruised all the parking lots at all the apartment complexes and the omputer companies (like NEC – who brought millions of dollars into town and donated laptops to the PD) all day and night – and either tow your vehicle for any outstanding infractions like a single unpaid parking ticket or if you drive a flashy, expensive sports car. It does not matter if you obey all traffic laws at all times. They will come to your house, write you a ticket on a trumped-up charge (you did not stop at that stop sign a half-hour ago, you were speeding on 111 20 minutes ago, etc.) They did this to me; and when I challenged them in traffic court the sociopath that wrote the ticket lied to the Clerk/Magistrate before I came into the room (and she glared at me with undisguised hate when I walked in – some fair trial – who knows what that lunatic said?) and lied about everything that happened and presented a perjurious written report – guess who they believed? DO NOT EVEN DRIVE IN BOXBOROUGH!! They even pull people over on the highway that cuts through town (Rte 495) – especially truckers. A young single Mom moved into my building and one day her and her son were walking up Rte 111 on a very hot day – I picked them up and asked if her car was in the shop – she said No, the Boxborough Police had found an 11-year old speeding ticket that she never paid, sent someone up to get the records from New Hampshire, and pulled her over and confiscated her car the next time she drove. She lost her car for months, and had moved to Boxborough for a fresh start. She should have paid the ticket, but that level of enforcement is psychotic in my opinion – she had to walk to the grocery store if one of us was not around to give her a ride. She could not even get to work. I can go on for an hour about those bottom-of-the-barrel individuals that comprise the Boxboro Police, but do yourself a favor and do not drive there or even think of living there- you WILL be harassed no matter how low a profile you try to keep – I was and everyone I knew there was too. Avoid Boxborough like the plague.

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