S 356th St & Pacific Hwy S

Federal Way, WashingtonOct 28, 20081 Comments

Heading South on Pacific Hwy S just after you pass S 356th, there is some kind of weigh station on the right and the Sheriff likes to sit there. There is a patch of woods just before you get there, so they don’t have any problem hiding out. It is 45MPH through there so watch out!

All of 356th is a speed trap i live off of it and they especially watch it in the morning and afternoon rush hours Watch for the signs posted on the side of the road that says cop ahead in permanant black marker on card board. Yes thats me and they hate it. They have tried to cite me for obstruction of the law, but luck'ly I have relatives that are cops and I know that it is only obstruction if interfeering with a specific pull over or a investigation and as I tell them this is just exercising my freedom of speach, but my lawyer would love to meet them in court and explain to them the definition of obstruction..... Be proactive against wasteful uses of our tax money.... advertise where you see them and stop the petty tickets so they can catch the thieves and drug dealers like they should be doing, not harrasing motorists.
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