S.E. 59th St., west of Eastern Ave.

Valley Brook, OklahomaApr 10, 20101 Comments

The area is a strip mall and a police station in length on SE 59th, the main attraction of the town being several nudie bars and (in July) fireworks sales. They stopped my husband for an expired tag, impounded his car, and made him walk home.
In a tiny town that refused to be incorporated into Oklahoma City, it’s police officials are insufferable. Beware.

My friend was pulled over on se59th in valley brook oklahoma they say she had a brake light out and then out of the blue he said i think i will get you for speeding and then he called the drug dog out the dog wouldnt get in the car the dog layed down but the officer said the dog found a weed roach in the car he was making things up as he went then he took her to jail once she was there the price of her three tickets trippled in price and when we asked why he said its what they do. how can they do that make a ticket tripple they answer to know one my friend never smoked weed in her life she went to court with a 1000 dollars for three tickets and was told she would have to have all the money or sit it out in jail she is a single mom of 2kids ages 11/12 she will have to sit it out and find someone to stay with her kids for a month speed trapp and they make things up as they go and our gov or any one will do any thing about this dept please do not delete this people have to know whats going on in valley brook oklahoma and by the way no payments can be made how can a single mom have a extra 1000 dollars laying around she cant even hire an attorney.
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