SB I-5 Center median base of Anderson Grade north of Yreka

Yreka, CaliforniaApr 05, 20113 Comments

I have NEVER not seen CHP sitting in the media, usually two units, sometimes three. This is an outrageously steep grade, and believe me, you can get up to 80 before you blink your eye. The roadway is in like a canyon, so you cannot see out in front, and it winds back and forth. On the last bend, you come around to a straight stretch, and BAM! there they are, tag teaming and pulling over motorists one after another. Here’s the thing. When you are back up about a mile or two toward the top, you can actually see way down the canyon to your right and you will see where the road flattens out. That’s where you can see the CHP. They will look small, but believe me, if you think you see what looks like a white top car, you do! Downshift and keep her at 64. Don’t give them opportunity to zap you.

Slowing down to 64 will not save you in Siskiyou County. CHP pulled me over and lectured me about being an obstruction to the flow of traffic (even though no one was passing me and I was only maintaining an assured clear stopping distance from a line of heavy traffic going uphill on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!) for going 64 in a 65 zone. Further he ticketed me for VC 22400(b) which is enabling legislation that allows the Department of Transportation engineering division to conduct traffic surveys to establish a minimum speed. Then, Siskiyou County bailed me for driving without headlights (HUH?) and it took an act of Congress to get them to pay attention to what I wrote to them. Further, when I finally got their attention - (it took snail mail, a thick black magic marker and very small words) I finally got a phone number and the person I talked to said that they "did not read" the correspondance that they get in the mail. Then after all of this, they found me guilty of violation of VC22400(b) which no citizen can ever be charged with in the first place. What this tells me is that they are a revenue processing center not a court, they never read the trial by declaration documents and that they find all people guilty of traffic violations unless the victim of their traffic ticket revenue center takes them to task for it. Trust me, once I get this ticket dismissed on appeal, I am going directly to the State Auditor's office and the Department of Justice about this. Even though it may be only 1 ticket, the way that it is handled tells me that this is a problem for thousands of people who have no choic but to use Interstate 5 in Siskiyou County CA. Their county budget for court fines as a revenue line item on their published budget is huge in comparison to their overall budget.
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Your complaints are about impeding traffic not speed traps.
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You are exagerating. CHP does sit there occasionally but not all the freaking time. Drive the speed limit and you won't have problem.
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